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Daily Thanks – November 1, 2012

Last year I saw people giving daily thanks for each day in November in the spirit of Thanksgiving.  Fun!  Not only is this a way to acknowledge all that you’ve been blessed with, it’s a way to remember to appreciate it every single day, not just on Thanksgiving.  Just like showing people how much you love them is not just for Valentine’s Day.


Today I am thankful for:  New Beginnings.

I am so incredibly thankful for the second, third, fourth, twentieth chance God has given me to live my life according to his plan.  To do good and to BE good.  I have failed over and over again at being the person I should be.  I know we are all works in progress.  I know that ‘to err is human’.  I know that we ‘learn from our mistakes’, ‘everything that happens, happens for a reason’… and all those other true but extremely over-used life phrases.  But I also know right from wrong and too many times have I ignored that and done what I wanted to do, rather than what I should have done.  It has taken many years of trial and error,  facing the consequences, growth in perspective and what is truly important, learning from my mistakes and simply growing up to become someone today that I am proud to be.

Ch-ch-ch-changes… In the matter of one year I have:

  • gotten engaged
  • said goodbye to my fiance as he left for Afghanistan on an 8 month deployment
  • said “OMG I can’t believe you’re really HERE!” as he arrived safely back on US soil
  • began and ended a job
  • moved across the country
  • acquired a house
  • became a Mrs. (yayayaya!)
  • and started a business

To say it’s been a wild ride would be an understatement.  But through all of this, I have never been happier and I have never been more thankful for changes, fresh starts, and what’s to come.  Cheers to new beginnings!

“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.” -  Douglas Adams




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