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Product Review // Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate

One word:  Brilliant.

I can’t say enough about this little magic potion from Kiehl’s.  I was recently given a sample by a lovely sales associate who insisted that it would change my life (or maybe just my skin, but either way, score!).  After using it every night for almost 3 weeks I have noticed  remarkable improvements – much softer skin with a more even texture and tone, fine lines are less noticeable and blemishes less frequent and less prominent.  My skin is more radiant, youthful and dewy, especially the morning after – major bonus!  I haven’t tried the eye cream pictured, but you can believe I’ll be sampling it soon as well!  All in all – amazing product and I’m looking forward to seeing what little miracles happen on my face after prolonged use.  One word of caution:  a little goes a looooong way; use sparingly or you’ll be a hot, oily mess!


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