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Breaking up with Eyeliner (at least for today)

Eyeliner.  Sometimes I really hate applying it.  So, I’m taking a break.  Eyeliner is wonderful, don’t get me wrong.  It can completely change your face and your attitude.  And it can really bring out the best in your eyes, drawing attention to your lovely little face.  But, there are other ways to do this as well.

Playing up your brows or lips, using a great blush or bronzer, or going for an allover soft vibe are all great ways to look amazing without applying a lot of eye makeup, particularly eyeliner, which can sometimes be a daunting task.

You can get great definition in the eyes by simply using shadow and mascara, giving a soft natural eye that still pops and allows your other beautiful features to shine.  Here’s a walk-thru of one simple look you can try:
  • Start by priming lids from lash to brow with a neutral base color (I love MAC paint pot in Ochre or MAC shadow in Vanilla)
  • Next, choose a sheer, shimmery eyeshadow – this can be pale gold, peachy champagne, bronzey brown, silvery grey… whatever you like and whatever best accentuates your pretty peepers!  Apply this from lash to crease and then blend it into the brow, creating a fade effect.  This will add just a touch of shimmer and highlight on the brow bone.
  • Depending on your eye shape and desired look, you can also apply this color to the lower lash line and inner corner of your eye for a little more brightness.
  • For more definition, take a shadow in the same color family that’s 1-2 shades darker than what you already applied (I prefer a matte shadow for this) and lightly apply to the crease.  Blend out any harsh lines.
  • Next, curl those lashes!  This will really open up the eye helping you look bright eyed and bushy tailed.
  • Last, apply mascara.  This is the most important part for this no-liner look!  Start as close to the base of your lashes as you can and rock the mascara wand back and forth (left to right) as you make your way to the tips.  Repeat if needed.  This method of application works well because it creates the effect of a lined eye by filling in any spaces in the lash line.  It also helps keep the lashes separated, avoiding clumps and lashes that look too heavy.  Apply a very thin coat to lower lashes, applying the same way as the upper.
  • Dunzo!  Super easy, super fast and super fab.

These four looks are great examples of how subtly gorgeous an un-lined eye can be.

Makeup is all about experimenting! There is no right or wrong… okay, I’ve seen some pretty scary makeup looks, but you know what I mean.

Try a no-liner day and see how fresh your face looks!


November 29, 2012 - 6:01 pm

Samantha - I never wear eyeliner!

November 30, 2012 - 9:26 pm

juniabford - And you’re gorgeous!! XO

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