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No, that’s not the name of a new hamburger…  but there is a bun in the oven!

It’s been a tremendously long time since I’ve posted anything.  Life has been happening and it’s been wonderful albeit chaotic.   Since my last post we have moved from Colorado back to North Carolina and unfortunately, my husband has deployed yet again.  We miss him so much!  But having the happiness and anticipation of the baby has really eased some of the distance and loneliness.  We’re SO thankful for Skype and other forms of technology that allow us to communicate so frequently and even see each other as much as possible.  Though it’s a bummer at times that Will can’t be here in person to share in the pregnancy, we both agreed that we would rather he miss some of this than to miss our baby’s  first year of life.  So, given the circumstances the Army has presented us, we are making the best of it and are beyond excited for this little squish!!

Today* marks my 14th week (3.5 months) of pregnancy and my first “Bump Blog” of the bi-weekly series I hope to continue throughout my pregnancy and beyond.  *(I wrote this on Sunday, 12/15/13 but am late in posting it!)

I’m finally into my second trimester and it’s a huge relief from the very debilitating first trimester.  Weeks 6-11 were pretty rough with the typical fatigue, nausea, food & smell aversions and headaches.  Despite my greatest efforts to stay active during this time, mother nature usually won and I ended up in bed more often than not.  These days are better and I’m able to eat almost everything without any issues and my energy level is climbing (headaches are still pretty frequent but are becoming more manageable).  I started back at the gym last week and had a great lift after playing a few short games of one-on-one basketball with Jordan.  It felt amazing to break a sweat, run around and lift again… even though I was at 1/3 of the strength I had before the pregnancy and became short of breath really quickly.  My awesome SIL also loaned me some of her prenatal home workout DVDs and I’m looking forward to doing those on the days I can’t get to the gym.  I’m missing my favorite yoga studio (and yogi partner, Serene!) in CO so having a video to do is great until I find a place here that I love.

I also hired a doula who volunteers her services through Operation Special Delivery which is an organization that offers doulas free of charge for women whose husbands will be deployed at the time of their baby’s birth.  I’m so thankful to have this option as I know she will be be a voice of reason and calm and also speak up on my behalf for my needs and desires during L&D and for baby, when/if I’m not able to do so.  As much as I wish my husband were here to experience this amazing time, I am so thankful to have a doula in his absence.  The birth of Jordan was… an experience.  And while seeing your baby for the first time completely erases any pain or bad experience you just went through, his labor and delivery is not one I wish to recreate.  My hope for this go round is to be more informed, educated and prepared to help my labor be as peaceful as possible.  I’m also excited that my mom and bestie will be in NC around the time baby is due, so having them in addition to Will’s family will make for an awesome support system.  I’m very blessed!

As part of my Bump Blogs I plan to:

  • share my progress in both photos and with a questionnaire
  • talk about the labor and delivery I’m envisioning and planning for
  • research and share products that I like or plan to use
  • share information about natural parenting and overall lifestyle
  • talk about pregnancy exercise and wellness methods I use
  • any other miscellaneous pregnancy/baby/health/fitness/parenting/lifestyle/beauty things that come to mind

I’m excited to share this with you all and hope it can be both entertaining and useful in content.  Thanks for reading!


Little squish at 12 weeks!

No more abs…

14 weeks, large and in charge!

Please excuse the selfies!  I haven’t had time to get my real camera, set it up and have a photo shoot, maybe next time!


14 Weeks Questionnaire

Size of Baby:  Baby is the size of a Peach – about 3.5″ in length and weighing in at 1.5 ounces.

Symptoms:  Headaches, cellulite (yes, this is a symptom! and it reared its ugly head overnight it seems), dry skin, “pregnancy brain” – seriously, I do the stupidest things sometimes and am so absent minded.  The other day I put my keys in the refrigerator and it took me 45 minutes to find them.

Total Weight Gain:  3.5 pounds (I was up by 4, but lost 1/2 a pound somewhere)

Sleep: Good for the most part.  I do have very vivid, real life type dreams.  And of course it’s rare to make it all the way through the night without having to get up to pee... some nights multiple times.

Food Cravings: Lil Cuties tangerines, organic whole chocolate milk (I normally never drink cow’s milk), Oikos Banana Cream yogurt, Swedish Fish candies, avocado toast (Udi’s GF sprouted bread – toasted, topped with Kerrigold butter, half of an avocado smashed on top, a squeeze of lemon juice, salt and pepper – NOM!)

Best Moment So Far: Seeing our little bean during the 12 week ultrasound.  Baby was very active – turning, bouncing, tumbling and stretching.  It’s INSANE that it can do so much at such a tiny little size.  I also saw the heartbeat which made me a little teary eyed.  Baby has really long legs and already sucks its thumb!

Movement: I’ve felt several flutters very low in my stomach.  I’m hesitant to say for sure that it’s baby, but I feel like it is.  I also think that since this is my second pregnancy I’m more in tune with all the little nuances that I probably didn’t notice as easily with Jordan.

Labor Signs: N/A

Gender: Still too early to tell.  But, when we do find out we will be keeping this information between just myself and my husband.  I want to tell Jordan, but I’m not sure he can keep the big secret!  If I had to take a guess at this point, my gut feeling is that it’s a boy.  Jordan says girl.  Husband has had feelings of both.  Soo… yeah, we’re all over the place with gender.

Belly Button In Or Out?  Still in.

What I Miss:  My HUSBAND!  I miss him terribly.  And I also miss the occasional glass of wine or beer in the evening (but I’ve replaced it with my chocolate milk).

What I Am Looking Forward To: Christmas with family, our next appointment when we get to hear the baby’s heartbeat, starting the new year with so much happiness on the horizon! (husband and baby will both make our home complete again in 2014),  Jordan’s 12th birthday in March! <— when did he get so grown?!


I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas with those you love in remembrance of what the day truly means.  Happy Birthday, Jesus!!

X, Beth


December 19, 2013 - 3:18 pm

Gay Lynn Harris - Thank you Beth . . . how informative . . . enjoyed it all . . .

December 19, 2013 - 4:04 pm

Shawn - Love it Beth! I’m looking forward to hearing about your pregnancy goings-on! You look fantastic, and are fun to read!! I’ll be keepin’ up! ‘So happy for you!

Aunty Shawn

December 19, 2013 - 4:08 pm

Beth - Thanks so much! I look forward to posting more… it’s a great outlet!

December 19, 2013 - 6:10 pm

Amber - I love it! You’re an excellent writer, funny and sincere. I’ve never had a baby so it’s fun to live vicariously through friends.

December 19, 2013 - 6:21 pm

Beth - Thank you, Amber. I love writing! And I was just saying to Will that this post was rather bland and I hope future posts have more humor.

December 23, 2013 - 12:21 pm

Emily Settle - So super happy for you guys! Can’t wait to follow your blog!!

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