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Baby Swayze McGowen

16 weeks!  Next week I’ll go in for a regular check up and hear the baby’s heartbeat.  Squeee!

Will announced that his New Year Resolution is to have a baby.  Lucky for him, I’m pregnant!  So he says technically I have until December 31, 2014 to “drop it like it’s hot” (aka – birth the baby), at which point I would be 15 months pregnant.  Can you even imagine?  Elephants have a gestational period of 22 months – total bad asses.  I said I wanted to keep the baby in until August (better chance of him being here for the birth, and I like that month).  But in all reality, I want to have the baby like, yesterday and just add more happy to this crazy little life of ours.  Also, we decided regardless of gender, we will name it Baby Swayze McGowen.


This pregnancy has been making me feel more organic, bohemian, natural, crunchy and minimal than I already was.  I just want to purge my life of unnecessary things.  I want to bring nature into my house.  I want to slow down, get back to earth and eliminate all the distraction and excess.  I want to explore outdoors and be reminded of how beautiful simplicity is.  Another option for a baby name is MoonBeam RiverLeaf McGowen.

Last post was my initial Bump Blog but I never did talk about how we announced our pregnancy, so I’m going to do that today.

I found out I was pregnant very early – at just 3 weeks in fact.  So imagine the torture it was to wait those long, excruciating, never ending 9 additional weeks before we could tell anyone!?  It seemed like FOR-EV-URRRRR.  I figured some people might have an idea (Will’s mom) as I was actually staying with them temporarily until we got a house in NC – it was really hard to hide the fatigue, nausea and sudden hiatus in enjoying my evening wine. Oh, and the fact that I was a raging bee eye tee cee aytch.

Anyway, with Will being overseas we wanted to announce in a fun and memorable way.  So I had these custom wine bottle labels made and we gave them out to each set of families while we Skyped.  It was a lot of fun to watch them read it and let it sink in.

Then we waited a couple more weeks before announcing to everyone else.  If you follow me on FB you might have seen this photo:


It was such a relief to finally have told everyone and to be able to talk about it!  It’s such an exciting time so it was really hard to hold it all in.

I don’t have a good photo of my 16 week bump (lame, I know), but there’s this really shoddy cell phone selfie – blurry, bad lighting, toothpaste mirror and all.  Look, I’m not fancy.

There’s a bump in there hidden in all the black

My go to outfit thus far have been leggings and boots with a tank and cardigan.  Often accessorized with a scarf or some cool jewelry.  The necklaces I’m wearing here are from Barbara Pellegrino and I’m obsessed with them!  She hand picks all the crystal, cleanses them and then turns them into these beautiful pieces.  I’m wearing a druzy and an amethyst (mounted in a bullet casing cause I’m so hard).  Anyway, check out her shop, she’s got some amazing things.  I feel like I’ll live in leggings/cardigans until it gets warm then transition into dresses of the maxi/sun/shift varieties.  I ordered this really cute dress from Etsy and am looking forward to wearing it this summer.   I like how simple it is and I think it’ll be fun to accessorize and also be super comfy in a cute potato sack kind of way;)

Also, there’s this:

Hey, whatcha doin? Huh? Huh? Huhuhuhuh? Can I get in? Can I? Can I? C’mon….!!!!

I think he’s preparing me for life with baby at which point I won’t be able to shower or pee alone for the next 5 years… who am I kidding, Jordan is 11 and still thinks everything is of dire importance while I’m in the bathroom.  I’ve been taking a lot of detox baths (sea salt, baking soda, coconut oil and essential oils like lavender, orange, peppermint, rosemary, etc) they’re so relaxing and do wonders for a headache or any other ache or pain.  This dog thinks he needs to be all up in and around the tub at all times.  He even tries to drink the water.  Weirdo.  When he’s not trying to swim in my tub he’s eating Christmas presents in their entirety and then vomiting them up all around my house.  Yay.

So, that’s what’s been going on in these parts.  We had an awesome Christmas and celebrated for 5 straight days – one of which was for my nephew Thomas who turned a whole year young on Christmas Eve!  It was great times with great people and we’re so very blessed!


16 Weeks Questionnaire

Size of Baby:  Baby is the size of an Avocado – 4.6″ long and weighing in at about 3.5 oz.

Symptoms:  Dry skin

Total Weight Gain:  Not exactly sure since I haven’t been to the doctor since my last post which was 3.5 pounds.  I’m sure I gained like 17 at least with all the food I ate for Jesus’ birthday.

Sleep: Good, though I haven’t been getting enough

Food Cravings: Clif’s Kids Organic Strawberry Z Ropes (basically healthy licorice/fruit snacks), yogurt with granola, berries and honey… and over the holidays I ate waaaay too many sweets.

Best Moment So Far: Feeling baby!! (see below)

Movement: In the past week baby has made its presence known!  Lots of jabs and rolls, especially if I sit or lie in a position that it doesn’t like.  It’s the most strange and beautiful feeling ever.  Sorta like the Aqualung song.

Labor Signs: N/A

Gender: Don’t know, but I’m on the boy wagon still.

Belly Button In Or Out?  Still in.

What I Miss:  My husband, California scenery and adventures, the beach.

What I Am Looking Forward To:  Bringing in the New Year with Jordan, hearing baby’s heart beat, finding out the gender and keeping it a secret!

I’ll try to post a bump picture in a few days.  Next on the agenda: making a list of  New Year goals!  Peace and love my friends!

X, Beth

December 29, 2013 - 7:06 pm

gay Lynn - Thank you honey for sharing like this . . . so newsy and fun to read . . .I love you and love the young woman you’ve grown into . . .may God add His blessing to your wonderful plans . . . <3

December 29, 2013 - 7:14 pm

Beth - Thank you, Nana! I love you too and I appreciate all your thoughts and prayers. I’m glad you enjoy reading.

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