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Oh, Hello, Mojo!

I can’t even believe that I am 6 months pregnant already!  What in the heez?  Time is flying by, which I am really grateful for.  Not only does this mean we’ll get to meet the wee one shortly, but it also means that my knight in shining armor will be home soon!  Oh, happy day!

Will’s last Homecoming. Can. Not. Wait!


I’ve been feeling good for a while now – no more fatigue, headaches, nausea or other pregnancy related ailments to speak of.  And while I’m super appreciative for a smooth pregnancy, I had forgotten what it really felt like to be “normal”.  I mean, not that I’ve ever been normal because we all know that’s impossible.  But for about two weeks now I’ve felt totally awesome.  I got my groove back.  [knocking on alllll the wood because I don't wanna lose it!]

I’ve been walking the dogs about 1-2 miles each day (weather permitting) and then getting in my daily workout.  These range from yoga, pilates, kettlebells, circuit training or a combo of any of these.  It’s crazy how much better you feel when you’re active and  sometimes when you get in a rut it takes just making yourself get up and do it to realize what you’ve been missing out on.

If you rest, you rust.  Of course you need rest, but this is referring to life in general.  You can’t let your mind, body or spirit get rusty.  You have to stay active – work your mind through education, your body through physical activity, and your spirit through prayer, time spent with nature, music, art, family – whatever makes your soul happy.  Do it.

6 months! I actually tried to make myself look presentable. Please don’t pay attention to my face. Or my fat fingers with the writer’s bump I’ve had since middle school because I hold my pencil too tight. Or the dirty mirror (11 year old boy in braces + constant toothbrushing = perpetual dirty mirror).  Or the fact that selfies are just altogether super weird and I have no idea what to do with my hands. Awkward. Just look at the baby, look at the baby.


Last post I talked a little about juicing.  Today I’m just going to touch on a few of my favorite workouts.


Some believe that if you have a few good kettlebells you don’t need a single other piece of equipment.  This could very well be true, but I like to mix it up – I like to lift heavy and I like to keep it interesting.  So KBs aren’t my only thing.  But they are great because they’re such a functional piece of equipment – they provide both cardio and resistance in one movement.  You’re probably not going to see massive muscle gains using only a kettlebell, but from a conditioning stand point they’re hard to beat.  Right now I use them a couple times per week and do the following (each movement is linked to a short clip with an example of the exercise):

  • Swings – Remember that this is a standard swing so you only want the bell to come as high as shoulder level.  You also want all the power and momentum to come from the hips – not the arms or shoulders.  Lastly, remember that the hips are working in a hitch motion in this exercise, not a squat (hitch = sticking your butt out like you’re going to touch the wall.  squat = putting your butt down like you’re going to sit on a curb).
  • Double Clean & Press – The video linked shows a single; a double is just like this only using two bells at the same time, one in each hand)
  • Get Ups – Found a video of a pregnant chick doing them.  These are brutal even when you’re not pregnant!  And form is very important.
  • Standing Oblique Crunch – You can do this with any type of weight really.
  • Goblet Squats – Awesome hip opener, and also great for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles for labor.  These are ass to the grass squats, and if you’re unable to complete this range of motion, at least try to break parallel and keep your knees behind and tracking your toes.
  • Alternate Lunges with Pass Under – This video shows the lunge, but not the pass under.  It’s pretty simple – using one kettlebell, each time you step back into the lunge, you will pass the kettlebell under your front leg, from one hand to the next.  Then repeat on the other side.
  • Bent Over Rows – Back exercises are my favorite!
  • Deadlifts – Great low back/posterior chain exercise

All of these are safe movements to perform while pregnant given that you’ve done them before, modify the weight and range of motion to suit your strength and growing body, know your limits while pregnant and most importantly – consult your doctor about any activity you’re considering before you do it!  If you’re interested in seeing more about how these movements are done, you can check out Pat Flynn and Breaking Muscle. But remember as with any exercise – form is crucial, so don’t perform them if you’re not able to do them correctly.

In my mind, I am on the beach doing yoga…


A perfect prenatal activity.  You can modify the postures for any and all levels of fitness and abilities.  It’s great for opening the hips, strengthening the back and core, teaching you to breathe consciously and in rhythm with your body’s movements (very important for labor), keeping your muscles limber yet strong in preparation for birth, relaxation and mental clarity and it just all around feels good.  I currently do a few at home DVDs (Gaiam, 10 Minute Pilates and Long & Lean)  as well as try new stuff I find on YouTube.  I’ve yet to find a studio I love in this area, so for now doing it at home is great.  I also will randomly do some sun salutations here and there just for fun.

In addition to the exercises above, I also occasionally do some other at home videos.  One is Prenatal Barre.  My mom introduced me to The Barre Method.  I love it and highly recommend it to everyone, pregnant or otherwise.  As a fun side note – lots of professional athletes practice Barre in the off-season as a way to improve agility and incorporate more isometric movements into their training.  Also, The Perfect Pregnancy Workout is another I love and it’s more strength focused.  I would only recommend this to those who were weight training or otherwise involved in fitness prior to becoming pregnant.

Staying active during pregnancy can be difficult at times.  For me, weeks 6-16 were pretty rough and I really had zero get up and go.  It was usually all I had to get my daily musts done and getting a workout in was few and far between.  I’m really thankful to be feeling up to par again.  If you’re struggling, don’t feel bad! It’s totally normal and most importantly, you need to listen to your body!  Remember how hard it’s working by growing your little baby and know that when the time is right, you’ll feel better and be able to do more.  This time might come at 10 weeks pregnant or it might not happen until baby is 10 weeks old.  And that’s okay!  Also keep in mind that you don’t have to go to the gym to stay fit.  Don’t get me wrong, I love going to a great gym or box when there’s one available and it fits into my life, but you can get and stay fit at home just the same.  It’s all in your commitment and your mind set – if you can beat your mind, you can do anything!

As always, these are just my opinions.  There’s information in abundance, so always research and find what works for you… in all aspects of life!:)

Lastly, I wanted to share a couple recipes.

Healthy Oatmeal Cookies:  A great way to curb a sweet tooth.  No processed sugar, no flour, no eggs so it’s great for most people with dietary restrictions as well (unless you don’t do any grains or have nut allergies).  Try to use all natural unsweetened applesauce as well, I forgot to put that on the image.  You can also add some ground flax seed, chia seeds, hemp seeds and/or nuts.


Multi-Purpose Citrus Cleaner:  Last post I told you I’d share the recipe for making multi-purpose citrus cleaner.  This stuff is *awesome*.  I was skeptical at how well something all natural would really clean, but I am now a believer.  I will warn you that despite all the citrus, this does have a vinegar-y smell.  It’s not that bad, but if you have an aversion to vinegar then this will probably not be pleasing to you.

I found this recipe here at the Yummy Life!  I adapted it some and didn’t get as fancy as the cute little labels and bottles they show, but nonetheless, it works like a charm.  Check out the Yummy Life, great website!  And here’s another simpler one you can look into as well.

Finally, a quick one that’s easy to do if you like essential oils (I LOVE using EOs):

Mix several drops each of  lemon, rosemary, geranium, and tea tree oils mixed with 1 cup white vinegar and 2 cups water in a spray bottle.  I like to call this the “anti-everything” cleaner since it has so many amazing properties – anti fungal, bacterial, microbial, it disinfects, cuts grease and grime and smells pretty awesome.

Making your own household cleaners is one of the easiest ways to start eliminating chemicals and toxins out of your home.  And it also saves a ton of money – white vinegar is SO cheap and it’s usually the base of almost all homemade cleaning products.


24 Weeks Questionnaire

Size of Baby:  Baby is the size of a Cantaloupe!  Weighing between 16-20 ounces and measuring in at about a foot.

Symptoms:  Allergies and a bad case of Flatassitis – it’s where your booty disappears and goes straight to your stomach.  Must. Squat. More.

Total Weight Gain:  12 lbs

Sleep:  Good, but having some crazy dreams

Food Cravings: Green juice, coffee with coconut oil/almond milk/honey, plain Lay’s potato chips, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on Udi’s GF bread, berries and pineapple, slices of colby jack cheese, salads with avocado.

Best Moment So Far: Seeing baby in 4D, learning the gender!

Movement: All the time.

Labor Signs: N/A

Gender: Still know.  Still not telling.  But I’ll give you a hint.  There’s a 100% chance it’s a…. baby.

Belly Button In Or Out?  Still in.

What I Miss:  My husband, sunny summery days, feeling quick and agile, a good beer.

What I Am Looking Forward To:  Everything!  Jordan’s birthday, going to CA, baby showers, baby’s birthday, Will’s homecoming.  So much goodness!


I feel like I crammed a lot into this post.  Hopefully you made it through!  Since I only post twice a month I always have a ton of stuff to share.  Maybe I’ll begin posting more frequently?  Until next time…

Love.  B



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